1. Trading name:
    Alpha Furniture is the trading name of Alpha Furnishing Limited
  2. Acceptance of orders:
    Any of the following:
    Post – send the completed form to our main office;
    Fax – 01494 678181
    Email – admin@alpha-furniture.co.uk
  3. Acknowledgement:
    Orders will be acknowledged and confirmed in writing.
    Please check the accuracy of all details.
  4. Orders:
    Alpha Furniture reserves the right to refuse any order.
    The company should be notified if a new order is to match an existing one. Please note that an admin fee of £15+VAT applies to any orders of below the minimum quantity as specified by the website for the particular product.
  5. Cancellation:
    Goods cannot be exchanged or cancelled once manufacture has commenced.
    Goods ordered incorrectly will incur a cancellation charge.
  6. Payment terms:
    A mutually agreed deposit is due in advance of all orders. The balance will then be due within 5 days after delivery for existing customers, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Alpha Furniture.
    For all internet orders, full payment is required in advance.
    The company reserves the right to add 2.5% per month for late payment.
    Payment is normally required with the order unless otherwise agreed in writing with Alpha Furniture.
    The goods will remain the property of Alpha Furniture until full payment is received.
  7. VAT:
    All prices in the catalogue are subject to VAT at the current rate.
    VAT Registration Number: 699 3677 73
  8. Delivery:
    Every effort will be made to minimise delivery costs though certain areas may require a specific quote.
    Our order acknowledgement usually includes a week commencing date for delivery.
    Our office will confirm day of arrival.
    Alpha Furniture will endeavour to achieve the promised date.
    The delivery date will not form the basis of the contract.
    Delivery is to the vehicle tailgate unless otherwise agreed and assistance should be provided.
  9. Specification:
    All dimensions are approximate.
    Alpha Furniture reserves the right to alter specifications and prices without prior notification.
  10. Damaged goods:
    The company should be notified immediately and the details confirmed in writing within 5 working days.
    Wherever possible photographs should be sent indicating the area of concern.
  11. Guarantee:
    Our usual guarantee assumes normal use. These conditions take precedence over all other terms and conditions.Guarantee Details:
    With all our products manufactured to the highest quality standards we are confident that you will enjoy many years of excellence. However, occasionally even the best-engineered products can sometimes go wrong. That is why at Alpha Furniture, we offer all our customers a guarantee against defect in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase. (Guarantee period is as specified at the time of purchase on our website)
    If your product fails due to a manufacturing fault within its guarantee period we will arrange for one of our sales team to call or visit you and agree a course of action to resolve the fault, by repairing or replacing any defective component, using genuine spare parts, free of charge. These parts do not receive any additional cover and are covered for the remaining period of the original product guarantee. If the furniture is no longer available we will either offer a discount against a future purchase or offer a cash settlement for the failed items based on a pro rata of the remaining guarantee period. We always strive to respond to any claim with minimum inconvenience and within reasonable time once the claim has been accepted. Under normal circumstances we aim to agree a course of action within 2 weeks of receiving your complaint.
    You will never be referred back to the manufacturer at any point. Your first and only port of call in the event of a claim is ourselves, as we want you to be happy with your purchase.
    If your furniture develops a fault either in or out of the guarantee period please contact us. You can do this by email to admin@alpha-furniture.co.uk or by calling our customer service department on: +44 (0)1494 670 600
  12. Cleaning and Maintenance:
    Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for longevity of the products.
    Some indentation on stacking upholstered chairs can occur. Please wait calmly – the problem is normally gone after a few hours in a warm room as the foam retains its original shape.
    To avoid fading of fabric, chairs and cushions should always be protected from direct sunlight.
    All stains must be dealt with immediately, and often a moist cloth will suffice. Regular dusting and vacuuming is also beneficial to the upholstery. For heavy stains please contact us for advice.
    Aluminium and chromium plated elements should be cleaned with generally available non-scratching detergents intended for the specific type of finish. Please bear in mind that wood is very prone to moisture. A moist warm cloth should be sufficient and many manufacturers advise against using cleaning products on wooden furniture. After cleaning furniture surface, please wipe it dry. Screws can naturally become loose during use and should be checked and tightened periodically, typically every 6 months.