Colour Trends 2023

The choice of fabric or vinyl colour for your care home lounge and dining furniture has a huge impact on how a chair is received. While greys and neutrals are still ever-present and remain versatile for future decoration, an increasing trend towards bold and bright colours is coming back onto the agenda. Featured here are a few colour schemes to serve as inspiration or 2023:

Greens and Earthy tones

Particularly popular for dining furniture, greens and other earthy tones bring the outdoors in and put residents back in touch with nature. Research shows growing evidence for being around green spaces has a positive impact on mental health by reducing anxiety and depression for improved general wellbeing. A quiet and restful colour, greens invite calmness. Paired with a contrasting pink to symbolise blossom, a rejuvenating spring feel is achieved.

Calming Blues

The colour blue is frequently associated with calmness and peace, making it an ideal design choice for lounge furniture. Sea blues with gentle patterns can invoke a seaside feel, frequently paired with darker tones to highlight the boundaries of a high back chair through contrast piping for example.

Autumnal Shades

Burnt oranges, both soft and bold are enjoying a renaissance in furniture design. Often selected for a statement piece to provide interest and contrast to surrounding furniture, a fireside chair can really stand out. Reds, oranges and yellows add warmth to a design scheme, but also stimulate the mind and body in other ways. Research shows these colours can increase appetite and metabolism, as well as brain activity, and are therefore ideally suited for dining and activities.


Combine with a print

Print fabrics can add additional context to a furniture piece, with many modern designs bringing the outdoors in through the use of recognisable floral and geometric patterns. These fabrics tend to be selected for particular parts of a chair that are “on show”, such as the outsides or arms of a chair. Often when looking to combine a print fabric with a plain it is best to start with the print, as the plain options for combination are limitless.