Government Infection Control Grant Extended

The Scheme Extension

Following the success of the Government’s infection control grant for care homes earlier in the year, the scheme has been extended until March 2021. The grant, which is available to public and private homes alike, is designed to reduce as much as possible the movement of staff between different sites.

Round 2 of the funding totals £546 million, with some revised conditions. Local authorities will receive funding on 1st October in the first tranche of payments, with the second tranche on 1st December. 80% of the funding will be distributed by local authorities on “per bed” and per user” bases. All of the funding required to be spent on or before 31st March on infection control measures. The remaining 20% will be distributed at the local authorities’ discretion for further infection control and prevention measures.

Further details on the scheme are available on the Government website here:

How Does This Affect Furniture?

While the list of what constitutes infection control is “non exhaustive”, modern chair finishes feature much improved anti-microbial technology.

Just this year, Agua Fabrics improved their anti-microbial and anti-viral fabric treatment by introducing AguaGuard365. This permanent, non leaching technology attracts the virus to it and doesn’t let it go. The virus is rendered non-viable by the finish. This is now standard on all Agua finishes, and has been scientifically proven to improve protection against transmission.

Similarly, Panaz finishes feature ShieldPlus – a similar finish that has some 15 years of tried and tested legacy. Acting in much the same way, a silver sulphate attracts the virus to it and pierces the outer wall of the virus. The virus is left non-viable to improve efforts against transmission of the virus. Get in touch on 01494 670 600 for more details on available Panaz finishes.

The ShieldPlus finish is now available as a spray, giving up to 90 day protection for multiple surfaces. Available as a box of 6x750ml trigger spray bottles, or a 5L refill canister, order online today from our Seating Accessories section: